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Sedation Dentistry Kanata

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At our Kanata practice, we know that a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety in some patients. We offer sedation dental services for our nervous patients to help them relax during their appointments. 

Nervous Patients

Dental anxiety and phobia are extremely common. If you are avoiding seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear, at Hazeldean Dental Group we can help you gain control of your oral health with Nitrous Oxide Sedation. Do not let fear of the dentist get in the way of a healthy, beautiful smile!

Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

Our goal is to provide your dental care without fear, pain or anxiety. If you present one or more of the following conditions, dental sedation can help you.

Fear and Anxiety

Nearly half of people with dental problems avoid dental care because of their fears and anxiety. Modern, safe anaesthesia techniques allow the fearful patient to have dental procedures accomplished without the anxiety associated with dentistry. Anxiety can even be triggered by noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care.

Low pain threshold or very sensitive teeth

Many people perceive pain differently than others. Some experience the inability to get numb. With general anaesthesia and sedation techniques, these patients will have the perception of pain altered and will be virtually pain free during the treatment.

Anxious Patients, Kanata Dentist

Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is a safe and highly effective method of patient relaxation that has helped millions of people overcome their dental anxiety. As you inhale nitrous oxide, your feelings of anxiety will melt away quickly and be replaced by a warm and gentle feeling. Patients describe the experience as peacefully floating in a pleasant dreamlike state. For the apprehensive child or adult, nitrous oxide can be the key to an enjoyable, comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is used in the combination of pure oxygen to relieve dentistry-related anxiety. When inhaled, and absorbed into the body, nitrous oxide has a natural calming effect that lasts only as long as your dental procedure.

Is nitrous oxide safe?

COMPLETELY! Nitrous oxide is recognized as the safest sedative used in dentistry today. It is mild, non-toxic and removes itself naturally from your body after use. Its benefits are even recommended for patients with certain medical conditions, including high blood pressure, angina and a history of heart attacks. And, unlike general anaesthesia, patients on nitrous oxide remain fully conscious and responsive at all times.

Nitrous oxide sedation can be used during root canal therapy, crown & bridge work, and even filling appointments!

Is nitrous oxide safe for children?

ABSOLUTELY! While our practice goes to great lengths to make every child feel at ease, some children require a degree of sedation to achieve successful treatment. Nitrous oxide is the safest, most effective form of sedation to relieve your child’s fears and ensure a positive experience.

What are the advantages of nitrous oxide?

  • It is fast acting. Within minutes of administration, your stress will be transformed into a sensation of soothing relaxation
  • Your depth of sedation can be adjusted easily. The depth of nitrous oxide sedation can be adjusted to quickly achieve your optimal level of relaxation.
  • Recovery time is short. In just 3 to 5 minutes after the flow of nitrous is stopped (100% oxygen flush), the effects completely disappear from your system.
    In fact, nitrous oxide is the only form of sedation that has no lasting after-effects that impair your ability to drive.
    You will simply feel refreshed and ready to go about your daily activities.

Is nitrous oxide right for me?

Please discuss the possibility of nitrous oxide sedation with one of our Kanata dentists.

It may be just the solution you or your child has been looking for.

If you have any questions regarding the use of nitrous oxide, feel free to discuss it with one of our Hazeldean Dental Group dentists.

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