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Oral Cancer Screening

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Our goal at Hazeldean Dental Group is early detection of oral cancer for successful treatment results.

Oral Cancer Screenings at Hazeldean Dental Group

At Hazeldean Dental Group your oral cancer screening is performed by the hygienist during your routine dental appointment. 

First we perform an extraoral examination including an assessment of the face, head, and neck. Observing any asymmetry or changes on the skin such as crust , color change or growth. All regional lymph nodes are bilaterally palpated to detect any enlarged nodes, their mobility and consistency.

The extraoral assessment is followed by an intraoral examination which includes an assessment of the colour, texture , any swelling, ulcerations, coatings or other abnormalities of the lips, mucosa, gingiva, floor of the mouth , the tongue and the palate (hard and soft).

Any abnormalities that persist for more than 2 weeks are referred to the appropriate specialist to obtain a diagnosis.

Signs & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

  • Lump in the oral soft tissues
  • Soreness/something caught in throat feeling
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Ear pain
  • Difficulty moving the jaw or the tongue
  • Hoarseness
  • Numbness in different areas of the mouth
  • Denture cannot fit anymore
  • Ulceration that persist more than 2 weeks

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